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Reply To: SGSN detach flag


Hi, Kamal!

READY STATE TIMER – the time during which the MS is staying in Ready state (performing cell updating) after the packet data transfer is completed.
STANDBY STATE TIMER – is non-standart timer, see your documentation. May be it is the timer of the forced detach from SGSN to MS.
MS REACHABLE TIMER – analog of the VLR Implicit Detach Timer in SGSN.
DETACH TIMER – in SGSN or in VLR? See documentation. Probably Implicit Detach Timer in VLR.
PERIODIC RA UPDATE TIMER – analog of GSM Periodic LA Update timer in GPRS.
VLR PERIODIC CLEANING START TIME – see documentation. Probably – the start time of the VLR periodic cleaning (may be purging) after meeting some conditions (like STT, UDC below).
DETACHED SUBSCRIBER STORAGE TIME – see documentation. Probably – the time after which the detached subscriber can be deleted from VLR after meeting condition below (UDC).
UTILISATION RATE DEPENDENT CLEANING – see documentation. Probably, condition which cause VLR periodic cleaning above.
UTILISATION RATE ZERO LIMIT – see documentation.
FORCE TO STANDBY – the feature in SGSN, allowing the SGSN to reset the Ready Timer in MS and force it go to Standby (Yes/No).
OVERRIDE MS READY STATE TIMER – see documentation. Probably, deactivation Ready timer in MS (Yes/No).