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Reply To: GPRS downlink assignment


Progress has been made, but there is still some confusion.

If I send the Packet Downlink Assignment before the Packet Uplink Ack then it is always ignored. That makes some sense, since the MS doesn’t know, until the PUA, if there are any contention issues so it won’t do anything without that confirmation.

The PUA is always acked with a PCA. As for the PDA:

If I send one PDA after the PUA then nothing happens.
If I send two PDAs after the PUA then nothing happens.
If I send three PDAs after the PUA then all three PDAs are acked with PCAs.

I tried mixing in some Packet Polling Requests. If I send:

PPR PPR PDA : no acks
PDA PDA PDA PPR PPR PPR : all the PDAs are acked, then all the PPRs are acked as well.

Can anyone shed any light on why I need to send three PDAs before I get them acknowledged??