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Reply To: Nokia Intra/Inter cell HO and BALs


Yes, and another point is that INTER cell HO has higher priority than INTRA cell.
Anyway if we consider Active mode operation before and after the change we have the following:
Before: MS measured All 13 BCCHs in Active mode (the same as in Idle). Only measurements for serving cells and 6 the best candidates are reported to BSC. But among these 6 reported BCCH/BSIC combinations there may be cells which ARE NOT DEFINED as Adjacencies. So HO attempts can be initated to less cells.
After: MS measures only BCCHs of Adjacent cells. This means that to any of BCCH/BSIC combinations HO attempt is possible. -> we have more HO attempts for INTER-CELL HO, because BSC is aware of more candidates and more correct decision will be taken. -> HO success increase is expected.
This is logical.
But what is the relation to Rxqual degradation – thus more Intra-cell HO are performed and more TCH drops are detected.