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Reply To: Drops BSS due to transcoder



The name of the KPI is RTCH_drop_BSS_transcoder_rate (on trx level). The incremented counter is MC739 at TRX level.
I put high priority of traffic on TRX1 in order to reduce drops. But the cell is loaded this is why TRX2 got traffic.
The problem began after a dissociation issue. 2 BTS sharing the same E1.
It is really weird because the TRX impacted have same TCUC board as another TRX which is not impacted.

Do U think that timeslots on E1 ( the impacted TRX have 2 mapped timeslots on the E1) could be faulty without any alarm or any other disturbance ? Because this TRX have also defined SDCCH and there is no SD drop or SD assignment failure.