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Reply To: intracell_HO_allowed


If a cell is in non-hopping mode and is on a TRX which has a frequency which is interfered, it could perfom an intracell Ho to another TTX of the same cell (It monoband cell).

In principle then when you are in nob-hopping, you should have ho-intracell enabled, to perform an HO to another TRX (and hence frequency) when a frequencey is interfered.

In hopping mode (SFH or BBH), because of the constant change of frequencies, bline intracell HO is not necessary.

I have observed that sometimes when you have a faulty TRX there is an increase in intracell HOs, and they are mainly of type “CHO_UL_Interference” even if you are in hopping mode.

Bottom line, if you are sure of your equipment, then for hopping, disable intracell HO (to decrease the probablity of making a drop, etc.) and for non-hopping, enable it.