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Reply To: CM Service Abort



Connection Confirm is ‘SCCP’layer message.

Authentication is used in LU/IA. Normal call is initiated using TMSI.

No specific mobile/number is affected. Such Abort messages come from different users/mobiles.


I have tried to make several calls with immediate disconnect as fast as i can and then checked the traces. None of such calls landed with CM Service Abort. Such calls were with disconnect message from mobile after setup message. I am surprised who r these super fast people 😛 or maybe it is due to some automated application in mobile!!!

Pix – 19 Mar 2009
If nobody complained and if you’re not able to reproduce the issue, then Astelia is probably right… People are stopping the call during teh call setup. Sounds Ok.
It happens to me…
Pan – 19 Mar 2009
Dear, Fr! What is the message – “Connection Confirm”? On what layer it is generated? MM? RR? or???
Why your network does not use authentication?
Is there general behavior of a number MS models or the only MS model?