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Reply To: DL Interference


Basically you want to road-race a DL interferer that is moving all around the place every 2 days.

Ok, you need this kind of setup. I dreamt about it last night, it’s a radio geek’s dream, I’m afraid.

Yagi antenna on the roof, controlled electronically by the direction of your sight (like in army helicopter Apache), then at least 4 wheel-drive with a 4L V6 400bhp engine (best would be 6 or 8 wheels, or a tank).

Since your opponent is into electromagnetic interference, he probably is using some kind of radar as well. He’ll easily bust you. To keep the benefit of surprise, you must apply a stealth design to your car (such as the F-22 US fighter plane). Load up some flares as well, to distract incoming ground-to-ground missiles.

Try to get some satellite support, or an EWACS, and a back-office team to check best routes and QoS situation in real time. Also, a tactical support team seems appropriate, in case things get ugly (uglier ?). Learn some self-defense moves, just in case.

More seriously, have you checked with the army ? are they doing some exercises ?