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Reply To: Best GSM Vendor!


lol !

and i’m glad huawei doesn’t produce cars…

“sorry boss, if you want to start your car you need to contact our tech support that will start it up for you.”
“Yes, yes, they will do it”
“Yes, you misunderstood. The tech support will not start the car, they will first ensure that the tank is filled with approved fuel”
“to fill up the tank, you need to contact our shipping company, they will send a supertanker for you”.


if alu was building cars, it would be like this

“sorry monsieur, but two brakes out of four should be plenty enough, that is why we removed three”
“the wheels were not part of the product”
“reverse gear should not be used while the left signal is on, otherwise the right seat will eject”

… just joking…

and if ericsson…
“please get out of the car, and have a coffee, we will now upgrade your car to a spaceship”.