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Reply To: 2G to 3G reselection problem


Well, Indranil! When you force K660i (registered in ericsson 2g) to manual network selection procedure, it should make searching for any available PLMN in all supported ranges and all supported radio access technologies and display these PLMN to user. I think, it is implementation dependent how mobile does it. In some mobiles it is performed by simple scanning in all frequency ranges. But such scanning takes a lot of time. And I think, that many mobiles are used more sofisticated approaches for searching any available PLMN. For example, by using info similar “Stored list cell selection” (BA) for cell selection procedure. This list may be derived by the MS from info gathered during previous selections of the PLMN and stored in mobile memory. Also one of the sources of such info may be the UTRAN_Frequency_List Info Element from RR_Channel_Release message. Mobile may receive this message after Location Registration procedure (in 2g) completion and releasing SDCCH. UTRAN Frequency List is used to describe the UTRAN frequencies used by the network. You may check this frequency list in different 2g bss (eric, nortel, etc..) in your network and compare them with one in unhappy ericsson 2g-BSS. I think you can find out appropriate parameter in BSC databases of all vendors. It is only my assumption, that your K660i uses only UTRAN_Frequency_List for 3g-PLMN searching, but other testing mobiles use UTRAN_Frequency_List and simple frequency scanning in case failure. I hope, I was laconic:)
with Best Regards, Pan. Tell us about results.