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Reply To: MAIO Plan

Fresh Opt

We are experimenting in an isolating area of our network and we use this:
-configuration = 4 x 4 x 4
-for BCCHs we use channels 1 to 42
-second TRX : primary GSM, channels=44 to 58
-third and fourth TRX : G1 , channels=975 to 1023
Cell A: 0, 6, 12
Cell B: 2, 8, 14
Cell C: 4, 10, 16

Is this correct? If it is correct, can we reduce the nb of freq. for the second TRX in order to gain more freq. for BCCHs. Is this 1*2 freq. reuse?? And, please, any one give the formula for calculating the freq. load. As I know load%=Nb of hopping TRXs/Nb of freq in MAL. Is it the same formula for 1*3?
Fresh Opt