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Reply To: MAIO Plan


GSM networks are interference limited.

Techniques like Frequency hopping and power control are introduced in GSM networks to counter the problem of interference.

UPLINK Interference is something difficult to control.

It will occur when ,the two MS, in two different cells , transmits at same frequency, at same time.

The technique hopping, with associated terms such as MAL,MAIO,HSN…can provide a significant relief to interference.

Added with it, the power control mechanism will also have a soothing effect.

But, in spite of all these measures the 100 percent elimination of interference is not guaranteed.

So, we can always try to minimize the interference.In this direction…

I raised a subject…that the option of having 3 MAL in comparison to 1 MAL is better or not?

I say, it is better to have 3 MAL’s.
See, if there are three neighbors..A,B,C.

The MAL1, MAL2, MAL3 are allocated to A, B and C respectively.

In this scenario…the condition
MS transmits, at same ARFCN, at same time,

will have probability equals to zero.

So, isn’t this is a better choice?