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Reply To: MAIO Plan


as I see that all are confusing between MAIO and HSN but as we know that they are different from each other;
main benefit of HSN is to avoid interference between Cell A and the surrounding Cells (Cells of different sites)that they are using the same MAL (Hopping sequence); is just giving the step that the syst. have to use in that cell,
but the main benefit of MAIO is to avoid interference between Cell A and other cells in the same site (Cells B & C); is just giving starting frequency in the MAL,
Dear MKT,
as you no that there is load factor limitation in SF-Hopping; sure 3 MALs (1*3) is better than 1
(1*1) in Quality and then you will phase some limitation in TRX configuration (because of Load factoras we mentioned before),
Load Factor= No. of Hop. TRX (without BCCH)/No. of freq. in MAL
and its better if we never pass 50%.