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Reply To: Inter MSC HO Issue


Dear PIX

Thanks for the reply

Now as u asked, 20% HSR is only with one cell. With other cells HSR is OK

Yes, you are right that we can see the exact flow and counters are always there to help us regarding that flow.
We have already found following results but ……..

Cell A(MSC A) have 1000 HO commands to Cell B(MSC B).

and following is the sequence of counters regarding the signaling

1. Cell A Outgoing HO command
2. Cell B Incoming HO command
3. Cell B Successful Incoming HO
4. Cell A Successful Outgoing HO

Now all is OK till 3 but step 4 is that Target MSC send ACK for successful HO and to release the channel to source MSC. Source MSC after recieving ACK from target MSC then peg Counter at Step 4 and after that releases the channel but source MSC just peg only 20%

So we have the issue at step 4.
so we can say that it is MSC-MSC signaling issue

But we have a site that its 2nd sector Outgoing HSR is 99 % and its 3rd sector Outgoing HSR is 20%.
Note that i am talking on CELL-CELL HSR basis.

Now both these sectors doing InterMSC HO with the same cell B
so if we name site
1234 – Source site
5678 – Target site

so this is the HSR scenario

21234-(InterMSC HO with)-15678 = 99 %
31234-(InterMSC HO with)-15678 = 20 %

Hope i am able to explain the exact issue.
If there would be any attachment would have attached Signaling flow from which very easy to understand 🙂

if it would have been MSC-MSC issue that all cells should face the same scenario. (HSR failure scenario)

PIX, kindly understand and give some suggestions.
Still any query kindly feel free to ask

Really in need