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Reply To: TA


But in reality..
A delay is there….BTS senses this….and he(BTS) tells the MS to advance its timing for speaking a little bit(TA)….MS will now start speaking early(TA)….and BTS starts listening the MS well at the schedule time…But same should be applicable to BTS also….he knows that if is getting the speech of MS delivered late to him so do the MS also….hence BTS also applies a TA on the TS allocated to the particular MS…..

But MS has to apply the concept of speaking(Tx) 3 TS later after Rx…..Now he is listening to BTS as the clock(1)……..MS cant do any changes wrt to clock(1)…hence MS has to use a separate clock(2) for Tx. However the clock(2) will no doubt be derived from clock(1).