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Reply To: MAIO and HSN


time interval is always 1 TDMA frame.
Each TDMA frame is sent over a new frequency.

Starting frequency: each TRX will start on the frequency which is located at the position number “MAIO” in the list of frequencies “MA LIST”. The MA list is a range of frequencies f1, f2, f3, …

Problem is you don’t know how the MA list iw arranged, because it is randomly arranged (based on the number HSN. Suffice to say that a TRX with MAIO=1 and a TRX with MAIO=2 will start with different frequencies.
At TDMA=0, TRX1 = f1, TRX2=f2
At TDMA=1, TRX1 = f2, TRX2=f3
At TDMA=2, TRX1 = f3, TRX2=f4

But if you set MAIO = 1 on TRX 1 and MAIO = 10 on TRX 2, this is what you’ll get:
At TDMA=0, TRX1 = f1, TRX2=f10
At TDMA=1, TRX1 = f2, TRX2=f11
At TDMA=2, TRX1 = f3, TRX2=f12

and so on.