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Reply To: TMA


Hi Ameer,

a TMA is always compatible with any kind of equipment. As long as there is a cable between the BTS and the antenna 🙂

So here is how it works:

TMA is inserted next to the antenna: the BTS feeder is connected to the TMA, then the TMA is connected to the antenna thanks to a shorter feeder.

The O&M of the TMA is ensured by an external device that you will locate in the BTS shelter or cabinet. The O&M trans is done thanks to the BTS feeder (T bias).

Perhaps Motorola BTS O&M already supports a specific brand of TMA, in which case the external device I was talking about is not needed anymore. There is a standard protocol to control a TMA called AIS or AISG (if i remember correctly… ok, i think I forgot the exact acronym 😉 ).