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Whenever a TCH is allotted, 1800 has the first priority. This is valid for the case of handovers also.

What I wish…

Is it possible?

1. Is there any mechanism by which BSC can know the Rxlevel of TCH(1800 or 900) prior to allotment?

If yes, then only the TCH(900 or 1800) having better Rxlevel will be preferred.

If No, then

2. The moment it allots a TCH and after allotment , if BSC senses that Rxlevel or Rxqual anything else also is not good…it orders for intracell handover. I think this already exists.

Can we make this time period( to order intracell handover) quick. I mean BSC shouldn’t wait too long to decide for intracell handover decisions.

3. Can we restrict that intracell handovers to inter band only. I mean BSC shouldn’t try for another TCH of same band itself?

4. Can we restrict the number of intracell handovers during a call only to one or two at the max. I mean it should not go like this, first taste 1800 , if it sour then try 900 and if 900 is also sour sour then try 1800 and so on. I mean is there any way that BSC remembers that 1800 has been already tasted, and 900 is also not feeling good so let it go as it is?