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Reply To: Roaming between operator



thata’s a good idea to create an external cell, use the same BCCH BSIC than the foreign cell, and apply strong penalty to avoid reselection to those cells. Really interesting idea.

The NCC PERMITTED should allow the NCC=0 to be reselected. Normally, every cell in your network should have NCC=0 allowed.

I think that MNC mobile network code is part of the PLMN id (= NCC + MNC) ? But I’m not sure about this, it has been a long time since I looked at such parameters 🙂

Regarding the PRC : first, i think you need to define another PLMN in the OMCR. Then you should be able to create an external cell that belong to another PLMN. Creating other PLMN might be an optional feature in the OMCR, I will check it out tomorrow at the office.

Let me know how the NCC PERMITTED setting will affect your situation. Tomorrow I will tell you what it is exactly doing.

(I now have so many things to do tomorrow !)