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Reply To: Tch Failure in common bcch


Hi Rex,

In which release are you ?
There might be a problem in the frequency band allocation.. MS are not G1 and the only TS left are in TRX using a G1 freq. ? That sounds weird… because you’d see normal assignment congestion as well.

If you know your indicators well enough you can give me the values for the indics below… But please reply with the full RNO indicator name 🙂

at busy hour only:

*in family RTCH Handover
TCH Handover congestion rate
Number of TCH Handover Requests

*in family RTCH Assignment
TCH Normal assignment congestion rate
Number of TCH Normal Assign Requests

* in family RTCH Traffic and Resources > Traffic
TCH erlang, TCH capacity (static)

* in family Traffic Model (or something like this)
Look for something that give the ratio of MS that can support the G1 band. I’m not sure it exists… 🙂

Now, per TRX, still at the same hour:
number of incoming HO requests, number of TCH normal assignment requests, TCH erlang

Then, per adjacency. Let’s say you’re looking at cell A which is HO incoming congested.
Select all adjacencies from cell A to its neighbors, and right-click / add reverse adjacencies.
Select all indicators located in the family “MATRIX” : Request, Allocated (or attempt?? I forgot) and Success

If you prefer, send me an excel report (or several) at this email pix_erlang at yahoo dot com.