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Reply To: GSM to WCDMA


Dear Friends, I got a question that really made me stuck..I really need someones help to let me solve the question. The question is based on CDMA system. Here we are :

in reality, a MS(mobile station) can receive more than three pilots(Base stations) in a pilot pollution area(given that a CDMA MS can only resolve three received paths).
1. Considering a CDMA system, a MS has for fingers to decode received paths : one for searching and 3 for data. so, in a pilot pollution area ( a MS receives more than 3 instant strong pilots ), please design an efficient way to track three strong pilots in the area that up to 6 pilots are obsorved based on pilot t_ADD threshold criterion of any kinds. Discuss the pro and the con of your proposed method.

2. Also in the pilot pollution area, how can we improve the accuracy of the open-loop power control (where the MS transmitted power is inverse proportional to the total received power.)please quantify your solution….

Thank you very much in advance..


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