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Reply To: One way speech



We have the option to LOCK ARFCN in TEMS.

I think with this it is possible for us to test the BCCH TRX of a cell. ie we can make our call to be forced to latch on the BCCH TRX only.

In the same manner we can test the other TRX’s of the cell by locking the other TRX’s of the cell( as the BCCH will shift).

Thus can we say that the above method is one of the possible ways to test your hardware? please correct if i am wrong.

Why i am talking about the above ….

As I said in continuation with my current discussion that the problem of speech muting in UL is in some cells only?

Thus i have only two possibilities to explore…

1. The BTS harware
2. The RF drive test of the cell

Also the muting ratio is around two percent.

I am confused…