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Reply To: One way speech


Let me provide my views in this issue. Oneway speech is case in which only one of the two subscriber is able to hear the other’s voice. Oneway speech and crosstalk are related. First restrict the problem so that it can be easily sorted. Gather maximum number of complaints and analyse them.
If the oneway speech is restricted to one particular location area or BTS service area, check with the frequency plan, MAIO and HSNs.
If the problem is with subscribers serving particular BSC, check for the CIC and physical order of links between BSC and MGw. Even though BSC & TRC are integrated, both have devices which have to be properly configured.
If the problem is with several BSCs then check with the links from the connected MGw to other links. In this case the troubleshooting will be little bit tough.

Two procedures can be performed,
1.Making of test calls in individual E1s.
2.Breaking the digital path or DIP and monitoring on both ends whether correct DIP is reporting alarm.

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