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Reply To: Same (BCCH, BSIC) couple



Gotcha ! The full BSIC is included in the encrypted bits of the RACH :


3GPP 45.003, chapter 4.6 & 4.8

The six bits of the BSIC, {B(0),B(1),…,B(5)}, of the BS to which the Random Access is intended, are added bitwise modulo 2 to the six parity bits, {p(0),p(1),…,p(5)}. This results in six colour bits, C(0) to C(5) defined as C(k) = b(k) + p(k) (k = 0 to 5) where:
b(0) = MSB of PLMN colour code
b(5) = LSB of BS colour code.



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