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Reply To: Same (BCCH, BSIC) couple


Just to clarify, For cells with Same BCCH, and Same BCC part of BSIC (BSIC = NCC, BCC) the KPIs will still degrade.

This is due to the fact that BCC part is the one which is used in Access Burst. (May cause Phantom rach requests too. These requests are there as Access burst is same for Handover, RACH attempt and GPRS).

Also, Adjacent BSIC does not pose ANY problem. So Pix should be 100% sure about it 🙂 This is due to the fact that the actual sequences corresponding to the different BSICs are orthogonal.

I have got multiple 1.5 volt battery cells that does not have a BSIC, but my world hasn’t ended 🙂