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Reply To: why only 8 time slots on a TRX?


optim -> :)) i wasn’t going to…. but since you ask…


time is infinite, and when someone was asked to slice it into little slots.
who asked ? probably a manager of some sort.
anyway, this guy first decided to cut it into 0 slots. Dividing infinity by 0 was quite an impressive task, but yet it didn’t quite blow away its manager. Indeed, it didn’t comply with the requirements : it was nearly impossible (within the assigned budget) to apply half-rate to such slots.
So he divided infinity by infinity itself, which is symbolized by the number “8”. By the end of the day GSM was born.
But from the first experiment, a lonely timeless burst went rogue. It quickly evolved into CDMA, a parallel universe where timeslots are banned.

I guess I should update wikipedia with this story.