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Reply To: LAI planning among BSC


hello skippers,

and welcome aboard 🙂
1 BSC for 1 LAC is not a good advice ! You will certainly overload your radio PCH channels !

You can have several LAC’s per BSC. It depends on 2 things :
how many paging/s can be processed by one cell at max ?
how many paging/s can be processed by one BSC at max ?

One BSC will have to process all the pagings towards its LAC’s.
One cell will have to transmit all the pagings of its own LAC.

The worst is to split one LAC over several BSC’s. That’s a terrible idea !

If you don’t do that, then it is possible to put 2, 3 or 4 LAC’s per BSC (depends on your BSC paging capacity).

Typically, design about 125 cells per LAC (all cells in the LAC with a non-combined BCCH, and 5 PCH blocks). And if your BSC can support 250 cells, then design 2 LAC’s per BSC. 2 LAC’s of 130 cells each per BSC.

You could do also 85 cells / LAC and 3 LAC’s per BSC.

With better/newer BSC, you could go up to 4 LAC’s with 125 cells per LAC, etc. It depends. Check your specs.

But never split one LAC over several BSC’s, please ! 🙂