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Thanks for reply….

In dedicated mode MS doesn’t performs a LU as he doesn’t need for it….why?…You said MSC knows the cell where MS is.

But I have a doubt….

MSC is not always informed about handovers. This is particularly with the cases which involved intra/inter cell(same BSC) handovers. However MSC is
involved with the inter BSC handovers.Or you can say in the latter case MSC will know the cell location of MS. The radio resource management is entirely a jurisdiction of BSC.
It is a usual practice to keep one BSC area as one LA. Hence on highways change of LA in dedicated mode is quite often.

For call waiting there will be no paging. agreed!!
Paging can’t be possible. As i have said there are chances of it getting failed( MS in dedicated mode has entered a new LA). So how to do it. Obliviously through signaling. It can be SACCH or FACCH(i don’t know) but it has to be one out of them. MS will not change the previous TCH(call in progress). But pressing a button on MS will acknowledge the MSC and the only switching will take place will be at MSC only. BSC and BTS will remain transparent through out the exercise. I hope it works this way. Please correct if it is wrong.