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Thanks for reply.

continue with same subject…..

A MS can receive SMS in dedicated mode.

Is it over SACCH?

How does MS distinguish SACCH information being received is of SMS and not usual signaling. ?

A MS in dedicated mode can even listen and alert the user that there is a CALL WAITING for him. How?

Just take a case … A MS in dedicated mode is moving. LAI changes. But MS has not(or he can’t) performed the LA update. But there is an other call waiting for this MS. How will the n/w do this now. Since paging in the former LA will get failed. And there is no question of doing the paging in new LA as MS has not performed the LA update till now.

Last…. it is interesting that MS in dedicated mode can do it for SMS but can’t for LA update. How ever both SMS and LA update are SDCCH dependent.

Regardsn and thanks