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Reply To: ICM Band


Hi lemaure,

Thanks for the detailed answer, it’s valuable 😉
Let’s go back to the swap of MCTR among two sectors : it requires an on-site visit, doesn’t it ?

We could swap the bcch frequencies, remotely

Using SFH1x1, I agree that RLF is a big issue, but in such case I would detect neighbour sites with poor ICM too.

Actually, another possible issue…
I just found out today that this sector is actually a donor antenna to a small indoor repeater-cell. I’m pretty sure the indoor signal distribution is degraded, and it generates UL interferences.
We had literally hundreds of similar cases in 3G (especially with optical active distribution), where UL RSSI is degraded because of that.

I do have another cell with no repeater, so i’ll try the bcch swap there 😉
Will keep you posted.