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Reply To: ICM Band


Hi Pix!

to troubleshoot you can swap the MCTRX with this of a cell having no issue and you’d be able to conclude if the MCTRX was having a problem or not.
if the test is not relevant because the problem stays on the first cell, you can then check if the cells on the whole site are having the same problem.
YES: Check VSWR to have the status of your feeders, connectors, antenna, Diplexer, …
NO: an interference.
with a drive test kit or with a spectrum analyser you’d be able to distinguish and internal or external interference.
if its an internal interference:
– on the BCCH: it should be changed
– on the MALISt, compute the Real Load factor RLF of this cell and analyse it’s TA.
* if RLF>40% create a 3rd CHGR and add fixed frequencies from the BCCH (it would help to reduce the RLF)
* otherwise (also true for high TA) you need to reduce the coverage of the cell (this last case is the most spread)