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Reply To: Co-site HO Failures


ok, thanks for the details.
thanks to that, we can say that :
the bsc gets measurements from the MS about the target cell
the target cell is candidate for the handover
from that point, there are two possibilities :

1. the ms receives a ho command from the BSC, with target ARFCN and target TS, but when MS sends the HO ACCESS to these ARFCN/TS, nothing happens.

2. the BSC cannot activate a radio resource on the target cell (typically, because of congestion)

can you have the split of outgoing HO successes per target cell, from the serving cell ?
or the split of incoming HO successes per serving cell, from the target cell ?
is the HO successes between our two cells = 0, or is it greater than 0.
What about HO success in the other direction ?

Anyway, that’s interesting to investigate, but in my opinion the problem is hardware. Before that, perhaps you could ensure the couple BCCH/BSIC of target is unique in the vicinity ? Or ensure the couple TCH/BSIC is different than the BCCH/BSIC of another cell in vicinity ?
Regarding hardware, perhaps change the synchronization/control card (called “SUM” in alcatel) in target or in serving would help ? Of course, this is troubleshooting, I gues ericsson experts could have a better idea than mine.