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Reply To: tch blocking and tch congestion


Hi Krish
Let me explain
High HR traffic puts a high load on SDCCH Traffic bcoz it is through this SDCCH all the signalling takes place. Also as u know more HR increases the system GOS,the signalling GOS also increases.

As per your example,first put only the required no. of SDCCH which can be calculated from the MAx. SDCCH Traffic with desired GOS(i’e 0.5%) and remove all unnecessary SDCCH.It is not an intelligent practice to go on increasing the SDCCH’s in a cell to reduce SDCCH Blocking .U can also implement dynamic configurations of SDCCH

Better check the reasons for such high SDCCH Usage.If it is due to LOC update,changing Lapd from 10K to 32K will not help.

Hope u understand the point