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Reply To: Pico BTS_RBS 2409


We’re trying to integrate 2409 too.
output power:23dBm
1TRX only.(2TRX – 2nd RBS by Y-link,master-slave)
GPRS support (CS-1 to CS-4)
EDGE,Dynamic power regulation,DTX,A5/1,A5/2 or A5/3
Ethernet IP transmission interface
IP security – IPSec, No hopping
Good for indoor coverage.
If you prepare to use Internet provider for connection RBS to BSC we’ve to config IPSec tunnel. BSC must use Abis over IP functionality of course. But there are other IP-based connection types.
In our case RBS works OK without IPSec tunnel. But we can’t integrate RBS using IPSec. RBS2409 – cisco firewall = problem. But we trying to solve this issue now.