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Reply To: what could be the raeson?


Problem is solved.
This is a hardware problem with the BOIA card(Nokia Ultrasite family BTS. The card is replaced and every thing is working fine now from Rxlevel to handovers both with neigbours as well as sectors of own.

One thing more i want to say is that before the replacement of BOIA card i have obesrved on starnge thing with TEMS pocket.

In IDLE mode the Rxlevel shown for the serving BCCH are around -4X or -5X. But the moment i initiate a call the Rxlevel goes to -88, -91dBM range. This happens right from the SDCCH allotment to TCH allotment.
I end the call and the Rxlevels returns back to normal. ie -49 to -55 range.

After changing the BOIA card(BASE OPERATION INTERFACE) this problem was solved.

It is my simple perception that there is no reason for a MS to measure and show a wide difference in the Rxlevel of a BCCH carrier in IDLE vs DEDICATED mode…. if there is no movement of MS.

Though the problem is solved but it is still under the category of HIT and trial…

Wonders what equation exits between a control card of a BTS and the RADIO behavior.