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Reply To: Random Access Failure


MS sends an access request to BTS over RACH. BTS receives that request. And further action starts….

BTS and BSC will now talk and then..

IMM_ASS will be send by the BTS to MS over AGCH.

You mean to say that time between sending the RACH and getting IMM_ASS is more then the repeat request time for RACH. And hence the MS sends the second request.

I have one doubt in this….

1. Can’t we change/modify the time between the successive RACH requests. If yes, then case is over as per the theory you gave for RACH failure.

2. If MS is sending a RACH request and BTS is easily receiving that request then,

how can you say that it is a case of request failure or RACH failure. The failure actually is in the assignment. So don’t you think that we should term this as AGCH failure?