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Reply To: Handover


Thanks for your reply.

But I am not satisfied with the replies. Confusion is still there. Let me take it further with your views one by one.

A HANDOVER is triggered if the BCCH(n) is found to be better then the serving BCCH.

And as per your point no.(c)

“the measured BCCH(n) does not belong to a neighbor defined in OMCR”

Since i have not defined a cell with BCCH frequency BCCH(n) as the neighbour of current serving cell then…..Why the MS has performed the measurements on BCCH(n)(may be fake or true one, doesn’t matter)??

Also iam assuming that a MS will use the SI2 list for cell reselection purpose and SI5 list for handover purpose. Thus if SI5 list doesn’t contain a BCCH(n) as per our case then how things will go please explan.