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Reply To: Ping Pong Issue / Hsr Issue



You can increase the “target filtering” threshold. This is the mechanism that occurs after the detection of HO, and which filters out all the cells which do not propose a better RXLEV than the current cell.

For instance :
cell A is serving, threshold for HO due to low rxlev = -93dBm. The “filtering” threshold = +2dB
At a certain point, RXLEV(A) = -95dBm

The only possible targets are the neighbors that give more than -93dBm + 2dB = -91dBm.
If a neighbor is less than -91dBm, it cannot be a candidate. Therefore, the final candidate will have a much better level than cell A. It strongly reduces the risk of ping pong handover, if the pingpong occurs because during a HO “low rxlev”.

If the pingpong occurs during a better cell HO, you should increase the HO margin a little bit, increase the averaging window, and/or increase the ping pong margin.