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Reply To: SSBL


thanks to radio statistics (not QoS, but the RxLev/RxQual statistics… it’s called “RMS” in alcatel) can you find out what is the average timing advance of MS having a low SSDL ?

what about path balance ? for each TRX ?

and call drops per TRX ?

If one TRX is showing a bad QoS/RMS, a hardware failure is still a possibility.

Ok, let’s assume it is not hardware. It will certainly be an indoor issue. The only way to find out where is with the timing advance. You can get it with RMS, or with ABIS measurement results analysis, just before a drop.

If there is a building or a shopping mall in the area, that might be where the problem(s) is/are.

I don’t know about WinFiol, so I can’t exactly answer your question, sorry.