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Reply To: Speed of MS


1. in dedicated mode,
in underlaid : the speed of MS can be computed by how long the MS receives the signal from a overlaid cell above a certain threshold. MS is detected as SLOW
in overlaid :the speed of MS is computed based on how long the MS stays in an overlaid cell between 2 handovers. If this duration is too short, it means the MS is going fast and will be sent to underlaid cell. MS is detected as FAST.

in idle mode, there is no mechanism : type of the cell is not known by the MS

2. in idle mode (you said “to camp”, which refers to idle mode), you can use the cell reselect offset :
UL cell CRO = 0dB
OL cell CRO = 4 to 10dB
you can use temporary offset and penalty time to allow only slow moving MS to reselect un OL cell
(in OL cells only : temp offset = 40s, penalty time = 30dB)