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Reply To: BCCH configuring in high signalling Cell


Hi victor,

do you have a feature to use several timeslots for CCCH, or are you limited to just one BCCH ?

If you have just one BCCH, then you must configure it as “non combined”. Therefore, your full 51-multiframe is used for the BCCH physical channel.
In DL, you can configure 9 blocks : 5 for AGCH and 4 for PCH.
In UL, all your blocks will be used for RACH.
As you can see, the main optimization will not be here..
You can also, if available, activate the Dynamic AGCH : the split between PCH and AGCH blocks is automatic, depending on the load.

You can play around with the number of Paging groups as well, but I’m not too sure how it’s going to spread the load. If you increase the number of groups, that *should* decrease the PCH load, but slow down the call establishment.