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Reply To: Initial MCS tuning


Yes, Pix. Our thresholds are not changeable by O&M action. By O&M, it is possible to select the suitable matrix table, containing all of the ideal switching points
(downgrade/upgrade switching points from/to all coding schemes) for the particular RF
scenario, by selecting the right radio environment.
When I write my previous post, I imlied following.. For example:
We have EDGE with Incremental Redundancy and RF scenario with HIGHDIVercity// Then,
switching point for MCS9 to MCS7 transition is BLER > 35%,
but switching point for MCS5 to MCS2 transition is BLER > 70%.
If there is only FamilyB (MCS7,5,2) was implemented with init MCS5, then the retransmission rate will be greater, than in case when both families were implemented – FamilyB ((MCS7,5,2)) and FamilyA (MCS9,6,3).
This is assumption only 🙂 Laila should give us more details.