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Reply To: FER and SQI


Yes, SQI counters are there in Ericsson. I don’t about the exact algorithm but Ericsson documentation says it does consider some radio parameters in addition to FER. The outcome of the algorithms is an SQI that is measured in the MNRU scale dBQ which is an absolute scale for measuring speech quality(ITU-T Recommendation P.810 Modulated Noise Reference Unit ). The output values are from -40 to +50 and the higher value the better speech quality.

SQI values are then divided into the three categories “Good”, “Acceptable” and “Unsatisfactory”. The thresholds that classifies the SQI values into these three categories are 13.5 dBQ and 22.5 dBQ, i.e. everything below 13.5 dBQ is “Unsatisfactory”, everything between 13.5 and 22.5 dBQ is “Acceptable” and everything above 22.5 dBQ is “Good”.