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Reply To: The SDCCH assignment fail from the LU.


Dear Pix,
About our KPIs:
1)we have no problems with Drop Call Rate – it’s 0.8%;
2)but Call Setup Successful Rate (CSSR) is only 97,3%. Moreover, we have inadmissible high rate of cell with CSSR is less then 95% (mainly due to low Immediate Assignment Rate (Successful or Unsuccessful SDCCH assignment rate)) it’s about 34% of cells.
We have analyzed (and partly solved) several typical problems: Phantom RACH, Interference on BCCH, different HW problems, and have stopped at problem of Unbalanced Power Budget which is directly connected with Path Balance. Thank you very much for your advice – I’ve just sent detailed description of this problem to our TAC,I hope they will help us.
Thanks for your assistance.