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Reply To: The Best RNP & RNO Tools


I don’t know if it is a TEMS problem, but in the BSIC decoding, it displays 41 as 51,that is, if the NCC is 4, it mistakenly diplay it as 5.

What i like with NEMO Outdoor is it’s easy to use, fast to setup. And the logfile is in text format and each device has it’s own logfile.There is no need to export the lofiles to text and separate each device.You can even process the logfiles immediately if you have customized backend application, can even use MS Access with it.And the logfiles is not that big compared to TEMS and Agilent.

I have also used Agilent Nitro drive test tool, it is slow to setup, but then, it was the old software that i have experience with. They have told me that it has improved a lot in the newer version.

For the handheld versions, there is TEMS pocket and NEMO indoor(?).