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Reply To: Erlang Model

Huawei RF

If you have the number of subscribers, GoS, and Erlang for each subscriber, you can expect the required number of channels.

For example:

Number of subscribers= 20,000
GoS usually = 0.02
Erlang for each subscriber is usually given to be 25 mErl

for the normal S4/4/4 configuration, each cell will have totally 4TRX * 8 Time slots= 32 channel (TDMA Concept)
1 BCCH and 2 SDCCH for each cell so: 32-3= 29 channels
from Erlang B table, maximum traffic afforded will be 21.04 Erl

number of subscribers will be:
max Erl/ Erl of each subscriber= 21.04/0.025= 841.6 = 841 subscriber for each cell

Total number of sites required will be:
20,000/(841*3)= 7.9= 8 sites approximately

Note: No queue channel assumed