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Reply To: Actix Vs. Ranopt



i’ve never worked on those modern post processing. I think i’ve seen a TEMS solution, very elegant and useful, called TEMS automator (it uses a dedicated server, etc..)
I used to use an old tool, that looked a bit like MapInfo (i forgot the name)

cross feeders are not so easy to find, because the TX/RX is on one sector, and the RXDIV is on another sector… it certainly leads to QOS problems, but they’re not so simple to diagnose (in my opinion)

the difference between OMCR stats and drive-tests stats is that the contractual requirements between government and operators is mostly based on drive-tests. Also, comparisons between operators (performed by operator themselves or by independent companies for public information) are done with drive tets. So one operator must know how good are its drivetest statistics.

to put it simply, post-processing provides solid information with a lot of details (if needed), in a fast and global way. but i understand your point of view : you can achieve the same results with more people in your team and more time in your hands… Unfortunately, many optimizers don’t have so much time to achieve their KPI’s objectives.