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Reply To: Actix Vs. Ranopt


Hi pix,

Thanks for ur usefull reply.Okay I get the point. Do you also mean that muliple drive test cannot be imported by the TEMS and then providing you with an overview of your network. For one drive test it is ok you can get all the statistics for one drive but what about multiple drive tests?
Most KPI like call success rate, dropped calls, Handovers statistics except the voice quality can be found in the OMCR, so why I bother to use post processing tools?
Aircom said in her bronchure when talking about RANOPT:”A leading operator in UK was keen to identify cross feeder cells. Using RANOPT they were able to identify 10 in one week in the London area, using one network engineer. Without RANOPT, it would take a team of ten, on average one month to locate five issues nationally. That’s a saving of 90% in resources, and a process improvement of 166%”.
But cross feeder cells generates failure which can be easily seen in the performance statistics in the OMCR, that this cells has a problem. So what do you think?
There are so many post processing tools like Nemo analyzer, TEMS Deskcat, RANOPT(aircom), Actix Analyzer..etc. are you familiar with any of them? Which one do you prefer for a TEMS drive test tool to be used on?