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Reply To: Antenna


Hi Diwa and pix,

“how many horizontal polarized antennas have you seen on the field ? it’s as rare as a smart manager 🙂 I’ve never seen this in any antenna vendor..”
In the GSM field I have never seen a horizontal polarized antennas. When I was talking about antennas I was thinking of all types of antennas in Earth station, terrestrial transmission and wireless telephones which uses a horizontal polarized Yagi antennas. I just defined the word polarization.

Diwa, you remind me of one day some BTS installers argueing each other saying you connect the -45 to TX port and the +45 to the TX/RX. as Pix told this is just a custom you can reverse it if you wish. I think we can not say -45 is TX and +45 is TX/RX. am I right? please let me know if I am wrong.