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Reply To: Release 4


The traces were not conclusive. But had some interesting points:
1. Since the traces were taken at night, there wasnt much difference between Assignment Attempt and its corresponding success and failures. This difference could have been due to non completion of calls during the trace interval.
2. In messages I saw a re-attempt of Assreq from MSC whenever a Assignmentfailure_protocol error was recieved.
3. Assignmentfailure_protocol error varies in the day and is maximum at BH.
4. The difference visible in our counters is also maximum at BH.
5. After rehoming we do see in the counters an increase in Assignmentfailures_protocol error.
6. Vendor responded that the imbalance is due to unavailability of late assignment faeture in new NSS entity and has early assignment instead, but should not the assignment request only be sent out once the B party circuit is siezed or destination engaged and hence this logic does not sustain?

Any input is welcome.