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Reply To: Low Util high blocking


oh, i missed this thread… sorry RRK, and thanks TNS to bring it up 🙂

with 4 TRX, you should get:
TCH capacity = 21 erlangs
SDCCH capacity = about 8 erlangs (if 2 ts SDCCH/8)

Therefore, it looks like there is a mixup between the SDCCH congestion and the TCH congestion. Are you sure about your indicator’s formula ?

If formulas are right, then what is your timeslots configuration ? (how many TCH and how many SDCCH ?)

with 9 erlangs, in order to reach 50% congestion, i’d say about 10 or 12 timeslots are working as TCH timeslots.

and with 8 erlangs in SDCCH and only 1.5% cong, it sounds like you have 3 ts SDCCH/8 which are up and running.